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Its true, every rumour has an element of truth. The pivotal element in a rumour is whether the elements of truth are actually relevant to the crux of the rumour.


For instance these events in my life have some similarity to the 2013 movie ''Oz the Great and Powerful''.

Australia is often referred to as Aus which sounds like 'Oz'.

One of the police involved in the 1984 murder investigations seriously calls himself a 'wizard' on an internet website.

I'm like the good witch Glinda, without a wand, who is always good, because I'm always a good person.

Glinda is hated by evil witches Theodora and Evanora because they see Glinda as more beautiful than themselves.

The 1984 Visyboard employee wedding party sisters have lied about me since the 1980s, they are like the evil witches Theodora and Evanora who tell the wizard of Oz (the police) Glinda (me) is the evil witch so the wizard (police) hunt me to hurt me.

Evanora's army of Winkies and flying baboons and the members and supporters of the Labor Party and the Liberal Party who harm me at every opportunity.


So you can see there's a lot of similarities between the too stories, but there's no truth in any claim they are the same story.

And there is no truth in the multiplicity and variety of malicious lies that have been spread about me since the 1970s after I was raped aged 15 which was organised by the daughter of a NSW policeman, Rhonda Wark, a psychopath who hated me because she thought I was more beautiful than she was.


I called this extract of my life ''Child In Time'' as that was the Deep Purple song blaring from the record player when I was dragged off to be raped at an all girls birthday party in 1971, I was 15.


There is truth in the fact my attackers have inserted 'matter' into my face to alter my appearance to suit their lies and conceal my natural looks after they stole a photo of my face aged 28, to publish as the face of Rex John Walters fake 15 year old daughter, to accuse motorcycle clubs of the murder of a 100% fabricated person, Leanne Walters. And intentionally falsely criminally defame me.


Forensic evidence to fully support my claims under criminal law falls within the fact that police in Australia have refused to charge any of the hundreds of people who have physically harmed me since the 1980s, or literally stolen my real estate and my cars and other property from me. Including killing my faithful dog, a kelpie cross named Samson at my residence 39 William Street The Oaks NSW, the evening before my 1 May birthday in 1988. A few days earlier someone had snapped off his K9 teeth so he couldn't even defend himself. Clearly they had assaulted me during the night and Samson protected me. I had Samson from a pup and for almost ten years when he was killed by an intruder he was probably defending me as he always did.


When I went to bed the night Sam was killed, he was sleeping near my bedroom door inside the front door. I found him dead in a paddock across the road from a house in 39 Mary Street The Oaks (right) where, in 1987 I'd seen a truck driver enter after he told me his name was Rex Walters and claimed I was his long lost daughter.


On a 1980/90s electoral roll at the same address (39 Mary St, The Oaks) when occupations were included and made public, was a man calling himself Sydney police detective Peter Robert (Bob) Bradbury, this name and job title was included in the book that printed my stolen photo as the fake murder victim Leanne Walters. His wife worked at Centrelink in Camden NSW where my file was stolen and replaced with false claims I was a paedophile to my own children.


That criminally defamatory lie remains in that Commonwealth of Australia federal government record to this very day in 2018, and started soon after I reported to Freemason police that I saw my dad rape my 3 month old baby on 24 April 1988. Camden NSW police refused to charge my Freemason dad because he was a fellow Freemason and had belonged to the Camden NSW Freemason lodge as did the local magistrate who refused to hear my evidence on an application for apprehended violence order against my dad a few months later.


Instead the Freemason magistrate in Camden NSW ordered that I attend mediation with the man who raped my 3 month old baby. As if I'm supposed to let him rape my children whenever he wants because he's an Australian Freemason like the then Labor Party prime minister, Australian Freemason Bob Hawke.


Another series of acts of political violence I can prove is the hundreds of parliamentarians and medical personnel who refuse to let me have illegal implants removed from my person, despite that the illegal implants are causing me significant injury and premeditated loss of quality of life, long-term torture, and pose a threat to my longevity through infection, specifically as Australian medical doctors have refused me penicillin from infection from these implants as recent as 2012.


Make no mistake, the painful physical effects of these illegal implants inside me, some seen in the images here, are nothing less than sadistically cruel and intended to cause me injury and serious harm.

I don't know how the good people of Aus will defeat the evil sisters when they have so many powerful high-flying baboons on their side.

These people are the epitome of evil. They're a good argument for bringing back the death penalty.

They're  not suitable for rehabilitation, as after 30 years they still have no capacity for remorse.

They still seek to harm me for speaking out about the truth of these matters involving criminals who are also Australian Freemasons,

or members of Australian political parties,

or Australian government public officers.


Child in Time
Sweet child in time
You'll see the line
Line that's drawn between
Good and bad
See the blind man
Shooting at the world
Bullets flying
Ohh taking toll
If you feel bad
Oh Lord I bet you have
And you've not been hit
Oh by a flying lead
You'd better close your eyes
Ooohhhh bow your head
Wait for the ricochet

Child In Time:

Justice Out of Reach is Justice Denied

Australian author: Janette Gail Francis 2017.

As a result of, or as part of the underlying criminal assaults on my made by Rex John Walters and his family of criminals, II've also been extensively surgically raped.


If my modest response, a small book stating only facts and no criminal defamation of anyone, was published linked to your murdered relative through the book Brothers In Arms The Inside Story Of Two Bikie Gangs, your first thought would probably be something like this:


How awful police used our tragedy to harm this woman and her children, we should do whatever we can to help her clear this up.


That is if your relative was actually murdered.


But if you participated in the fake murder your thoughts may be more like the below words publicly published in a Google Books website (also see image at left):


''This book is balony. (sic) Come to the house please the author who wrote this. Then I can make a new book on how to destroy lives and not just one, multiple. Your killing my father by writhing this piece of phony, made up, untrue, piece of novel text. Please come to the house in Ingleburn NSW after 7:00pm on any given night and you will be met by brutal, undeniable force. Your words are so called weapons, my body is my weapon, for which I will do jail time for. Just to have the chance of inflicting pain, like the pain you have inflicted on my family, to you would be a blessing, a true sign from god. Come here you gutless, scum sucking, dried up maggot dog and ultimate pain would be inflicted, even if that means jail time for me.''


The above unsigned Internet post is indicative of the level of hatred Janette has endured from strangers, followed by illegal unprovoked physical and verbal attacks on Janette and her young school aged children, after her 28 year old face was used to visually describe the alleged murdered daughter of Rex John Walters, a truck driver from Ingleburn New South Wales, long before she published her book in response to her criminal defamation that NSW police have oddly refused to investigate.


It's also probable that this comment was published by the author of the book that criminally defamed Janette, **Lindsay Simpson, or a NSW Government Public Officer or their family member involved in Janette's unprovoked criminal defamations for the past 30 years. A psychopath incapable of empathy for Janette's decades of suffering as an innocent target of hate crimes. That's something police should investigate considering this comment is a public threat to kill. But that's about as likely as pigs flying without an aeroplane.


Its also possible this post was authored by my teenage rapists teens of local police from Campbelltown Hign in 1971 New South Wales Australia, who probably became criminal police themselves like dear old dad.



**Simpson, L. Harvey, S. (1989) ''Brothers In Arms: The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs'' America, Britain, Australia, Allen & Unwin Sydney.

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