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To prove that last claim, to the right is a copy of a Gmail email I received from a Minister in parliament after I sent her an email about criminal conduct of her staff under her portfolio during the caretaker government period prior to her 2018 election.

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What her return email from her Ministerial Parliament email address means is that the Minister will not look at criminal conduct of her portfolio staff at her parliamentary office. She lets her staff answer that sort of correspondence in the department where the culture of criminal conduct is rife. My email was about Housing staff committing illegal break and enter to my government rental accompanied by other government public officers from another portfolio. I attached for the Minister a video from one of my security cameras identifying each individual criminal clearly and without any doubt whatsoever.

Still no reply from the second email sent to the Housing Office. Wonder why!

Because I love a paper trail, and I know I'll never get a legal response, also at right is my original email proving it was sent by my email address, with my residential address redacted.

Video link below is the full security recording of the crime. This website text editor refuses to link to websites for past few days so copy and paste the URL.


The sign they point to on my gate is this website name below the words ''community minded?'' at that time this page wasn't on this website only had two pages (COMMON LAW RIGHTS GROUP and CONTACT) indicating they knew I (and many others) have been denied my (our) right to sue them (anyone) under common law for illegal trespass.


The locked gate with or without a no trespassing sign, legally denies them entry. I had a no trespassing sign on my locked gate.


They fulfil the double criteria of guilty mind and guilty act that qualifies their actions as criminal trespass.


Evidence suggests he's an ex-cop from Sydney NSW (police Commissioner Ronald Stephenson, below right pics) who started criminal defamations against me in the 1989 because I reported witnessing child sex crimes of NSW Freemasons when all police were also Freemasons. So what's he doing at my address in Adelaide some 1,500 kilometres from Sydney? 13 years after he's supposed to be dead. Why aren't Adelaide South Australia police protecting me from this 'distinct' interstate ex-cop criminal psychopath?


Freemasons are worse than radical Muslims because they're already in control of our government. To further cement proof that Minmisters protect criminal Government Public Officers, see the DEFAMATION (CRIMINAL DEFAMATION) AMENDMENT ACT 1988 image below which historicvally and unconstitutionally protects this ex-cop from his many crimes against me in NSW, virtually legallising criminal defamation on political grounds.

Janette says:

''Our elected representative in parliament is supposed to protect us from the employed and contracted government. Instead elected and accountable Government Public Officers play political hide 'n' seek, shielding behind employed or contracted unaccountable Government Public Officers and blame them for Parliament's failure to make employed or contracted GPOs accountable, easily achieved by funding Legal Aid for civil suits against elected or employed GPOs making them accountable under Common Law to citizens through a Judge, the third tier of government.''


Being a rare INTJ personality type Janette stands solid as a rock on matters of law and due process. She's not backward in coming forward to expose lazy or politically calculating government officials. Janette thinks she's probably a borderline rarer INFJ personality type (1.5% pop.) as she sees it her responsibility to expose her trials and tribulations to make Australia a better place for everyone else without a voice or the ability to demonstrate the lawlessness in the same analytical unbiased manner. But in the end it's up to you to decide what type of country you want to live in and leave for future generations to endure.


So what's it to be, a country with or without (callous persons totally lacking the ability of emotional empathy) psychopaths in control of your governments? As they are now.

Here's how Janette see it with her 2.1% of the population analytical brain.

The 'Executive' arm of government, (employed and contracted staff) actually run the government, the 'Judiciary' and the 'Legislative' arms of government answer to the Executive.


Janette says her theory is proven true by irrefutable evidence linked to the videos or statements made below and on my website there are hundreds of examples to corroborate my clams that the Executive (police) refuse to arrest their fellow employed or contracted Executive when they've breached Federal or Australian State Criminal Law thus;


Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA)

  • section 251 Abuse of Public Office


Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) section

  • section 44 Failure of persons to provide necessities of life.
  • section 138 Stealing, destroying etc records etc of any court or public office.
  • section 337 False instruments issued by public officers.



  • section 142.2 Abuse of public office.


Janette adds;

''The only reason this occurs (above) is because the elected 'Minister' holding the relevant portfolio refuses to fulfil their obligations under the appropriate Act for fear they won't be re-endorsed by their Party members at the next election for their government. Which for the Minister is unconstitutional, for the Party members its criminal in breach of anti-terrorism law and should qualify the Party for Judicial attention under anti-association laws'. But when you have active criminals running a government like organised crime gang, anarchy reins supreme. Forget the Muslim terrorist threat, the enemy is already in control.''


Video A South Australia:

19 October 2011 - Adelaide University Medical Practice, Public Officer doctor Simon James Spedding refused Janette a script for severe infection in her face. He also refused Janette a referral to a dermatologist to treat her spontaneously splitting finger tips. He also claimed Janette had a mental illness and that's why he refused to treat her.

He then instructed his receptionist not to charge the consultation to Medicare to conceal the fact the consultation took place. He never offered Janette any treatment for his (false) diagnosis of her mental illness.

Janette lodged a formal complaint with the doctor registrar (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) but they REFUSED TO INVESTIGATE again falsely inferring Janette has a mental health issue so that's grounds for the public officer to refuse Janette access to treatment for (fake) diagnosed mental illness, and grounds to refuse Janette access to penicillin for her life threatening face infection, and grounds to refuse Janette referral to a dermatologist for a diagnosed skin condition, and grounds not to suspect anything untoward by Simon James Spedding's decision not charge Medicare for the consultation.

Thus far no lawyer in Adelaide will agree to represent Janette in Civil Court for this medical negligence. Being a Government Public Officer, Simon James Spedding has also acted in a manner that a criminal court may deem in an Abuse of Public Office.

All admissions to establish the above crimes are on Video A.

Video B South Australia:

21 January 2014 - After years of complaining to Labor Party and Liberal Party state government Public Officer parliamentarians about being refused penicillin for infection in her face and other matters. In response to Janette's attempts to realise due process of law and her legal rights to reasonable medical care, six (6)  turned up at Janette's residence to illegally imprison her for the duration of the 2014 State election period.


Being a Government Public Officer, all six were using the Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) in a manner that a criminal court may deem in an Abuse of Public Office.


South Australia state police #79819 and #33284 and the 4 other accompanying Government Public Officers reasonably knew they were participating as criminal accessories to a criminal breach of section 102 MENTAL HEALTH ACT 2009 (South Australia) which states it's a crime to detain someone on political grounds and illegal to detain a person without diagnosing them as having a mental illness that can't be treated without brute force and involuntary detention.

All admissions to establish the above crimes are on Video B

Picture card A and B New South Wales & South Australia:


Janette says - If I don't have a myriad of interconnecting illegal implants, then I wonder what the cable looking item across the top of me collar bone is that often pinches my skin when I lean forward. What caused the divot in my forehead where I constantly feel electrical sparking. Why have my cheekbones got a lump of jelly over them so now I can't feel the bone when I could before and why does that lump of jelly produce electrical sparking that also stings my eyes. Why do I feel violent vibrations in the side of my left cheekbone where I've had reoccurring infection medical doctors refuse to treat, and what's that rapid thumping I can hear in my left ear only. Why haven't radiologists reported the abnormalities in my radiology images at are clearly abnormalities and are located where I feel electrical sparking and excess heat in my person. Why has my body hair stopped growing especially where the electrical sparking is concentrated. The list goes on and on like that.


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Janette Gail Francis

author and legal rights activist Adelaide Australia


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Australian Expert Topics:

illegal medical experiment implants on victims of crime.

illegal non-medical implants to torture political prisoners at large.

Criminal law and Government Public Officer crimes in Australia.

Australian medical doctor common practice of criminal assault.

Legal Aid and Common Law in Australia.




Holt CJ’s judgment in Ashby v White (1703) 92 ER 126  

There is great force in the respondent’s submission that if a public officer knowingly and deliberately acts in breach of his lawful duty he should be amenable to civil action at the suit of anyone who suffers at his hands. There is an obvious public interest in bringing public servants guilty of outrageous conduct to book. Those who act in such a way should not be free to do so with impunity.[26]


In response the elected members in parliament legislated to specifically give public servants and all public officers impunity from abuse of public office under common law, (which includes police, judges and politicians) Now you have to sue the crown they refuse to let you sue their public officers, even when the public officer has acted with malice and in a criminal way.


I'm very proud to state that my ancestors who immigrated to Australia came from Ireland, Scotland, France, and England. My parents decided to withhold my ancestry from me, despite that they knew I felt an emotional draw to Irish dance & music, was a natural perfectionist at Irish dance as a small child when I also wanted to learn to play the violin, and found it very easy to speak French in high school. I wanted to be an actor after high school but my male career adviser told me I was not pretty enough. The irony was he had a face like a horse kicked it, and Campbelltown High became a Performing Arts school a few years after I graduated. According to my criminal dad he was yet another fellow Freemason deciding who would succeed and who would fail based on nothing more than Freemason dissident and affiliation status. My parents refused me permission to complete years 11 and 12 at school. With no extended family support group, and no teenage support services, friends who sold out to the Freemasons, and the Freemasons against me which was everyone in a position of authority in those days, and laws that insisted men owned their children, my only ticket out was to get married to a man who wasn't a Freemason. Didn't matter where I went or what I did there was always a Freemason on hand to tear down anything I built up. Through natural attrition that Freemason generation, self-endowed with legal impunity from their child sex crimes have largely declined. However Australian police, medical doctors, and political party members have kept the criminal vendetta fires burning, simply to save political face.



Child In Time: Justice Out of Reach Is Justice Denied

Currently in part time study Bachelor of Laws

Politician in Local Government 1995-1999

Small business retail store owner 1989-1995

35 years mum to under 18 children 1974-2009

60 plus years as daughter of a Freemason 1956-




The Freemason name originated hundreds of years ago; after having their son kidnapped by local stoners, mooners and sun god worshippers, the mothers would gather outside their place of worship chanting FREE MAH SON FREE MAH SON FREE MAH SON.



Janette Gail Francis.

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