Australians for a Legally Equal Community

  its not a conspiracy theory when its proven by fact  

Common Law Rights Group

In theory we all have the right to access Common Law or Tort Law

In practice only a small percentage can


''The National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services 2015-20 provides Australian Government funding to states and territories to distribute to legal aid commissions and community legal centres.

The agreement supports a national legal assistance sector that is more integrated, efficient and effective. It seeks to improve access to justice for disadvantaged people and maximise the delivery of legal assistance services within available resources.''



What this perfectly false picture fails to note is that ''community legal centres'' refuse legal assistance to ''disadvantaged people'' who have a civil lawsuit against ANY government entity. In case you're wondering, I have that admission on video from one Community Legal Centre in Adelaide. Then went to other CLCs who all confirmed that the won't give advise to sue ANY government entity.

Its a Claytons Legal Aid (the Legal Aid you have when you don't have a Legal Aid)

If Legal Aid did fund Civil lawsuits under Common Law which is a financially punitive system of law, then money would be going back into the Legal Aid coffers. Its financially irresponsible or negligent NOT to fund Legal Aid for Common Law suits.

Instead of only going out as they are now with funding for only criminal law suits that pay State or Federal government solicitors wages and private defence lawyers where even a win against the government provides no financial redress for time and money lost defending a defenceless case. I can speak from personal experience as I was arrested in 2007 for being assaulted by criminal police. Won my case in criminal law, but was refused my right to Common Law financial settlement to compensate me for the significant personal injuries that I suffered and have been refused my right to medical aid for that also.



Every citizen today of a country founded under the control of an English King or Queen has the unchallenged right to evoke their own protection under Common Law. It was known as 'The Kings Law'' which was created to protect the commoners from their land masters. Even before the reforms of Henry II (1154-89), which are often seen as the vital period for the creation of English common law, England had known a legal regime characterised by considerable royal control. From Anglo-Saxon England came a tradition of law-making which focused on the king as the protector of the realm, the corrector of wrongs.


Common(ors) Law was passed onto the English courts then onto each colony founded by England, including Australia. Who in 2018 don't view their role as ''the corrector of wrongs'' they see themselves as the protector of wrongs.


In 1988 the Labor government under Freemason Bob Hawke (unconstitutionally) took away our right to appeal the the English monarch as the top level of appeal in the Australian court system, appeal to out High Court is not a right, the government public officers in the court can legally refuse your appeal to the high court.


In 1992 the Labor government under Paul Keating formed the Council Of Australian Governments being a committee of all the premiers of each state and territory and the Prime Minister.


COAG whose members include both Liberal Party and Labor Party heads of State, ensured only the very wealthy could access protection under Common Law by;

  • Allowing public officers (public servants) the right to (unconstitutionally) refuse any Common Law application to civil court.


  • Allowing public servants to increase court costs to (unconstitutionally) exclude all but wealthy land owners able to get a loan on their property to take a matter to Civil court under Common Law.


  • Allowing Judges to make ''Rules of the Court, (unconstitutionally) restricting court access to all but the legally trained. Ensuring that a lawyer or barrister must be employed to represent a commoner in a Common Law suit, excluding all but wealthy land owners.


  • COAG themselves then denied the common people their intrinsic right to access Common Law, by (unconstitutionally) allowing public servants to refusing Legal Aid funding to impoverished commoners for Common Law suits in civil courts.


These chain of events were clearly planned to (unconstitutionally) take Australia to a legal status similar to that experienced by peasants in old England during Anglo-Saxon occupation of England, before Norman conquest in 1066 which was over 900 years ago.

Janette Gail Francis

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